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Our Service Center includes a full-service lab for efficient diagnosis and repair of your computer system. We offer the best local service in large part due to our team of passionate techies, providing excellent results through accurate analysis and quick turnaround of necessary repairs.

Our shop is also conveniently located for easy drop-off and pick-up.

Service & Repair Installation Configuration
Online Backup Setup
Install & configure Carbonite (1 year of online backups). $100
Software Install
Install up to two software applications. $25
Hardware Install (Tier 1)
Memory, Fans, USB Devices $25
Hardware Install (Tier 2)
Internal Drives, PCMCIA/PCI Cards, Power Supplies, CD/DVD Burners $45
Hardware Install (Tier 3)
CPUs, Mainboards $85
Laptop Hardware Install
Price based on model & components being installed. $45 – $125
Hard Drive Upgrade
Clone data to a new drive, install & test.  *Drive must be healthy
Operating System Upgrade
Upgrade existing Operating System, test applications – includes Computer Tuneup.  *Must follow manufacturer’s approved upgrade path
Operating System Full Install
Install Operating System on new or existing hard drive – includes Basic Data Transfer (Advanced add $30), install of up to 2 software apps (media required) & Computer Tuneup. $120

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