ClientWorks Computer Service Center banner Our Service Center includes a full-service lab for efficient diagnosis and repair of your computer systems. We offer the best local service due to our team of passionate techies, providing excellent results through accurate analysis and quick turnaround of necessary repairs.

Our shop is also conveniently located for easy drop-off and pick-up.

Service & Repair Installation Configuration
Diagnostic Analyze hardware & software for failures & conflicts $60
Computer Tuneup Analyze performance, adjust settings, defragment the disk, vacuum & wipe down. Free with $60 worth of services. $25
Data Transfer (Basic) Transfer from old to new computer, or backup to CD/DVD, ext. drive, etc.‚  Basic profile data only (docs, pictures, etc.), not software applications. $60
Data Transfer (Advanced) Transfer from old to new computer, or backup to CD/DVD, ext. drive, etc.  Profile data, settings, email, etc. plus 1 to 2 software applications. $90
Malware Removal Scan & remove viruses, spyware etc. & update security. $85
Security Review Malware removal, in-depth security analysis & Antivirus software install.       Cost of antivirus software not included. $100
Operating System Restore/Repair Restore operating system (w/ vendor CDs or restore media) – includes Tuneup.  Data retention not guaranteed.  30% discount on Data Transfer $65
Laptop Screen Replacement Diagnose, quote & replace screen and/or inverter. $90
Laptop DC Jack Repair Adapter problem only. Diagnostic charge only. Non-repairable jack – no charge. $195
Data Recovery (Hourly) Recover data and restore to CD/DVD or external drive.. $90
Additional Services (Hourly) Hourly rate for all Time & Materials work required beyond fixed-rate services. $90

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